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Tax Advice, Inc.

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Tax Advice, Inc.

Tax Advice, Inc.

(650) 756-3000

At Tax Advice, Inc., we work with clients to produce comprehensive, yet personalized Income Tax, Estate, Retirement, and Wealth accumulation, preservation, and transfer strategies and solutions. We also educate our clients. You see, we know that informed clients take the action necessary to pursue their goals.

John Lazar received his MS Degree from the University of Southern California in Business Management, and earned an MBA in Accounting from the University of Rochester. He completed his Undergraduate studies in Economics from Case Western Reserve University, and possesses a Certified Public Accountant designation from the State of New York.

Our professional staff is led by John Lazar, Certified Financial Planner, Tax Consultant, Board Certified Estate Planner, an Investment Advisor Representative with HD Vest Advisory ServicesSM, and a Registered Tax Return Preparer with the IRS. He received his Certified Public Accountant designation from the State of New York, and holds several Federal and State Licenses, a California Real Estate Broker License and a California Life and Health Insurance License. Since 1981 Mr. Lazar has assisted Bay Area families manage their most important Retirement, Investment, Tax, and Estate planning decisions. As an experienced Tax Professional, he has guided many to avoid common pitfalls in their financial plans using specialized techniques to minimize tax liabilities.

If you’re like many Americans, your tax professional is among your most trusted advisors. You’ve shared with him or her you most personal financial information. 

Perhaps you have also shared your hopes and dreams - the hope that you will be able to pay for your children’s college education, the wish to retire in comfort, the desire to protect your family’s finances should you die or become disabled. 

John Lazar is ready to help to help your pursue your goals or plan for the future. He is fully qualified to assist you in developing a personal financial program - and putting that program into action.

In the past, you may have avoided a more sophisticated, income-earning approach because you find the world of finance -  insurance agents, stock brokers and others who advocate specific products - confusing. And you haven’t known whom to trust . . . 

. . . Until Now

You should find comfort in the knowledge that your most trusted advisor, your tax professional, can help you 

  • Develop a financial program geared to your personal goals

  • Select the investment plans designed to promote your goals.*

  • Manage your investment portfolio*

  • Establish an educational savings fund for your children or grandchildren.*

  • Plan for your retirement.

  • Preserve your wealth through estate planning or insurance planning

  • Plan your estate in a way that minimizes taxes to your heirs.

  • Refinance your mortgage

  • Plan for minimizing your tax liabilities

  • Prepare your tax returns

Call it one-stop financial shopping. It’s a ground-breaking method of financial management, offering top-quality planning services from a tax professional you trust. Discover how - you could accumulate and preserve your wealth with the proper planning and advisor behind you.

*These services are offered by John Lazar through his affiliation with HD Vest Investment ServicesSM.